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Full SpectrumNano Emulsion CBD Tincture

We’ve upgraded our CBD tincture with just the right amount of science. It’s specifically designed to mesh well with your body, providing quicker absorption and stronger relief. This tincture is practically wellness in a bottle!

Full SpectrumNano Emulsion CBDVeggie Capsules

Plant Power + Pure Convenience

Full Spectrum Nano Emulsion CBD Veggie Capsules

Quick. Convenient. Fast acting. Our CBD capsules were designed to deliver maximum relief in minimal time. Consider these caps your gateway to the good life.


'Life is not merely being alive, but being well.'

-Marcus Valerius Martialis

Transformative change doesn’t happen overnight. Optimal health is a lifelong journey — and Green Maiden CBD can help get you there.

It’s been legalized, popularized, normalized… and we’re thankful.

But despite the CBD industry’s huge year-over-year growth, most actual CBD products out there have remained largely unchanged. And most brands are still manufacturing basic CBD tinctures—tinctures that pretty much amount to simply taking hemp extract and olive oil, throwing them in a bottle, and calling it good!

We believe today’s CBD consumer deserves better… much better.

More specifically, today’s consumer deserves a CBD product that’s actually compatible with their body: the nano-emulsified CBD tincture. READ MORE

While all of us want to get the most out of the supplements we choose to take, it’s easy to have doubts: What if this doesn’t work? What if it’s not the right product for me? What if my body doesn’t absorb it?

Investing in a CBD product is no different. While the body of research backing CBD has become enormous, wanting to truly optimize its effectiveness is only natural.

And the way that’s done is through something called bioavailability. CBD’s bioavailability describes how well it’s actually absorbed by your body. There’s a lot to this topic, so we’ll be covering a number of related concepts in this article. Take a look; READ MORE


The power of Nano-Enhanced + Hydrophilic CBD in the palm of your hand.

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Full Spectrum

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The power of Nano-Enhanced + Hydrophilic CBD in the palm of your hand.

Today’s health-conscious consumer has a unique opportunity: the power to find full-body balance from a single balance-promoting natural compound. We’re talking about nano-enhanced + hydrophilic, full spectrum CBD, of course! Science and society alike have found that it fosters homeostasis and health better than virtually anything else on the planet – CBD is the pinnacle of plant power!. At Green Maiden, we’re placing this power into the palm of your hand. READ MORE

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